Distant Healing

Distant healing is a remote energy healing method using a phone or skype when a client cannot attend a face to face with a practitioner.

The practitioner will connect as a conduit to channel the healing energy through you, using  Forensic Energy Healing combined with soul-level healing with the client’s intention to heal a number of ailment she or he decides to heal.

Physical aches and pains could be a breathing session with the practitioner depending on what is suitable and needed at the time.

Example of discomforts, aches, and pains that Nancylita has helped in the past:

Neck stiffness painful to move, feet gout having trouble to walk, toothache after dental work, limited shoulder movement due to tightness and pain, upper and lower back pain.

Most clients will feel sleepy during the healing process. This only means that the healing is starting to work, just let the practitioner’s know if this occurs.

Forensic Energy Healing may assist in clearing stress, energy blockages that may be stopping you from moving forward, emotional pain, love life stress, middle-age crises, and much more.

You should be in a private room, so to concentrate on the healing session.


Testimonial from Peter Gouws:

I was plagued with a stiff neck that just would Not go away and leave me alone! OMG, it was just so intrusive! Nd being here in the UK, autumn in full’ swing, I couldn’t just hop in the car and go crying to Nancy, could I!

So when I mentioned it to her, she asked if I would mind if she tried to help from THERE, while I was HERE! Well, I had nothing to lose and Nance guided me as to what I had to do and stayed on the phone and I relaxed and did what she asked me to do… Five minutes later, I was feeling already much better and the next morning- I couldn’t believe it, it was GONE! completely. What I can say? Magic as ever


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