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My name is Nancylita Waye, Author of Healing My Divine Self.

My healing journey started in 1992 when my daughter was only two and a half years old; she was quite ill, had fever and whooping cough for a few weeks and none of the prescribed medication seemed to work. So, I started seeking help somewhere else from the Divine Source God, and Angels.

As we went to the chemist to buy more antibiotics, we passed a book sale, on a big table outside a shop, so I had a look and was attracted by the Reflexology book by Dwight Byers; I bought it and in my excitement went home and forgot to buy the medicine!

While following the techniques described in the book, after ten minutes my daughter’s pale skin complexion changed, her circulation started returning, and she was feeling relaxed… Even her fever went down too, so from that time I keep practicing on her and actually it has helped her to build up her immune system.

A few years later I started the course to obtain my Diploma in Reflexology, studied many other modalities, obtaining more diplomas and then became interested in Energy Healing, which gave me the rewards of Joy, Peace, Contentment and Open-Heartedness to everyone who reaches out for my help.

My aim is to assist anyone who seek positive change in their lives, for those who have experienced ailments or physical discomfort be it through injury or mishap.

I have been a Remedial Therapist for more than ten years obtaining Diplomas in Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Forensic Healing, Cranio-sacral Therapy and in addition obtained the certification of Reiki Master, which in able me to performed distant healing, that then expand my practice which I believe is my passion and life purpose.

I consider myself a dedicated practitioner and in doing so, I am proud to say by way of testimony to contribute to my clients, maintained of a healthy lifestyle and further, to manage each individuals stress levels that our everyday lives incur that could be held responsible as major contributors to many of today’s health problems. Further to foregoing, I have studied the benefits of Forensic Healing that may enhance the cleansing of the mind and body, of stresses latent inhibitors.

My passion is to give help to those who may suffer from energy blockages that possibly have prevented them from enjoying all aspects that life can provide. There can be many reasons for energy blockages that are experienced in our life style in modern society; for example financial burdens can draw one’s energy, whereby budgets have to be met and scheduled, workloads have to be increased in order to meet finance obligations.

These are constant pressures in the management of life, where work totally overrides the life style that we so hope to attain. I can also help to release anger, resentment, childhood traumas and love life stress. Additionally low self esteem could be considered a contributor to issues, whereby one starts to question one’s own appearance, personality, or self worth in comparison to others. Also on the agenda for causation is the much discussed and sometime feared by many women, especially those approaching middle age or having already reached the changes caused by menopause, with its ups and downs.

My practice is to reinforce that this is just the natural process of ageing, not to be feared, but instead to be enjoyed and celebrated. These are just some of the reasons that the individual may incur energy blockages as well. It is my ambition to give each client the opportunity to be relieved of any symptoms that may interfere with the progress and experience of a balanced healthy life, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.

Please do have a look at my testimonial page, it might give you a better insight into the kinds of problems I could help you with!