Healing My Divine Self



Enough is enough!

It is time to stop letting pain control your life and happiness.

Are you suffering from debilitating aches and pains, running out of traditional medical solutions and just learning to live with it?

Would living pain free allow you to live the life of your dreams with purpose?

What else would it take for you to live the life you nicely envisioned?

What if you could manifest your desire in less than twelve hours while you are asleep?

Wouldn’t it be great to still be feeling vibrant and sexy well past the age of sixty?

“Healing My Divine Self” could be your one ultimate solution that can solve all your health and vitality challenges.

Nancylita Lesmoras Waye, a Forensic Healing Practitioner, Energy Healing Therapist, Reflexologist, combines her own challenges and experiences with her clients, in this life-changing book that shares her healing ability to help you understand the meaning of your challenges, and turn them into power.

Surround yourself with Angels and all loving spirits and learn to Heal Your Divine Self.